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Thermal Protectors

Pump Thermal Protectors
Pump Thermal Protectors for Pressure Washer Pumps

Most pressure washer pumps can withstand temperatures of around 40c and in some cases up to 60c, but at higher temperatures damage to the pump can occur. Pump packings, plungers, seals, and even the short bypass hose in external bypass systems may be damaged. Thermal Relief Valves offer some protection against excessive heat build-up. They ensure cool water is released to the pump when temperatures exceed 63c.  However if longer running times with no action through the nozzle is required it is far better to have RTT. (RTT = Return To Tank)  That’s when the “by-pass” water is returned to the supply tank, this then lets the pump too always have fresh cool water.

  • 63°C relief temperature
  • Protects some against excessive heating
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