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HP Hose M22 Female x 3/8" Male

High Pressure Hose ~ M22 Female End x 3/8" Male

High Pressure Hose For use with Pressure Washers

We can supply 3 different Bore Sizes of High Pressure Hose
¼” Also known as DN6
5/16” Also known as DN8
3/8” Also known as DN10
Small LOW FLOW Pressure Washers use ¼” Bore (DN6) for 10 metre runs.
For longer lengths use 5/16” (DN8) - The pressure drop will be a lot less as the bore size is 20% larger.
For higher flow machines above say above 12 lpm flow use 3/8” (DN10) Bore. Also use this for hot machines.
A DN10 hose is 16.6% larger bore than a DN8 & 33% larger than a DN6
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