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3/8″ Male Adjustable Drain Nozzle DRAINET

£81.51 £97.81 inc vat


3/8″ Male Adjustable Drain Nozzle DRAINET
Nozzle Size – ADJUSTABLE
Thread Size – 3/8″ Male
Forward Hole – NO
Rear Holes – YES
Max Pressure – 200 Bar
Max Flow – 60 lpm
(Thats a Size 18)
Stainless Steel Drain Jet – Jetting Nozzle
A Drain / Sewer Nozzle WITHOUT a FORWARD facing hole will produce more thrust to help the hose work its way up the pipe – however if you have a forward FACING HOLE this will help to “push through” any blockage.
All item descriptions and illustrations are provided in good faith and are intended for guidance only and the actual items may vary

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