If you run “ANY MAKE” of pressure washer from a 13 amp socket you  can only convert this into about 10 lpm flow at about 135 Bar.

To get more flow and/or pressure you need a three phase supply (415 volts) or an engine driven machine.

If you use an “extension lead”  you must keep it as short as possible and it needs to be a heavy one – 2.5mm2 cable.

We supply Kranzle Pressure Washers – Why – They are distinguished by their extraodinaily high quality, extremely modern design, high grade material, long service life and economic efficiency. – The heart of each high-pressure washer is the pump. The Kranzle pump heads are made completely of forged brass to ensure top quality and long service life.
Plus the fact that I (Malcolm) likes a simple life – when we sell a Kranzle Pressure Washer we know that it will give very good service and this means less telphone calls and more time to go fishing!

Have a look at FOOD FOR THOUGHT !

Cleaning Power Guide
What is  – “Cleaning Power Guide”
It is just a guide to compare machines (if you take the flow in lpm x Pressure in Bars and divide by 600) this will give you a number to compare machines – It’s not set in concrete but it’s not a bad guide.
However when using HOT  water then things are a bit different – the cleaning power goes up.

Which Machine ?
Q-1) What do do you want to do with it ?
Q-2) How much do you want to spend ?

A-1) For cleaning the car and odd jobs where the machine is not running for long times then a machine with a motor speed of 1450 or more is OK
A-2) If you intend to use the machine for times of an hour or more then go for a machine that runs at no more thar 1450 rpm. A slower machine will alwasy suck water into itself better.

Two Free Tips !
1) Don’t run you pump with less water that the pump requires (this buggers up more pumps that anything else)
2) Always use a GOOD HEAVY extension lead if you have to use one (at least 2.5mm2 cable)

Whilst the very cheap Pressure Washers(less than A FEW HUNDRED POUNDS) may look tempting, they don’t actually work very well. The fact is that all Pressure Washers need a high quality pump and motor, it is simply not possible to put quality components into a machine at this price.

A significant number of our customers are people who have bought one of these cheap machines from ‘The Internet’ or ‘The Home Shopping Channels’ – then discovered that the machine they have bought is virtually useless and then have to upgrade to a usable machine having wasted YOUR MONEY!

All my Pressure Washers are built to a high standard, built to be used and last. All the engines –  if I say they are HONDA then they are Honda and not a cheep “look a like” copy!

All the pressure washers on my site I can get SPARE PARTS for – Ask yourself if you can on the “stack’em high sell’em cheap” ones ?

Need a new or extra Hose or Gun – we waste so much time (your time as well)trying to fit up a gun or hose with the same FITTINGS to a cheep imported machine (some have way-out fitting sizes and couplers.)Some of the cheep imported washers do not have a name or model number on the PUMP – How the hell can we get spares for these? – you can – bin it!